A Lesson In Patience: Life Is Strange Edition…

Anyone who knows me is aware that I can be somewhat impatient….. okay extremely impatient. It’s not one of my best qualities I’ll admit but it’s something I’m working to improve, and what a better way to learn than getting my Dad to play through Life Is Strange with me!

I know what you’re thinking, this game is no Super Meat Boy it can’t be that frustrating! And you’d be right in thinking that, however it’s the puzzle sections of the game where I find it hard to bite my tongue and not give away the solution completely. My Dad is also still learning how to properly use the analogue sticks on the controller, which while super endearing, gets annoying very quickly… I promise I’m getting more patient!

The ultimate patience tester! (Super Meat Boy)

Whilst he’s a little rocky control wise, he still loves to mention the fact that he’s spent hours playing RPG’s in the past and that he’s the “original gamer” of the household which I find really sweet.. (especially since I’ve taken over that title!)

Life is Strange is also the kind of game where you have to go at your own pace and make decisions that you feel are right so it’s been interesting trying not to influence another persons choice based on what I did during my play through.

It’s also really interesting seeing the game through someone else’s eyes. I tried to remove any bias I had towards certain characters going in so that I could see how someone else reacted to them. It makes you see things from a bit of a different perspective and even rethink your own opinions of certain situations. I’d highly recommend playing this with another person by your side.


I think that’s why I watched so many play throughs of Life is Strange, it’s one of those games that evokes so many emotions from people that you might not have felt personally, it resonates with people for different reasons and that’s what makes it so wonderful.

I’m really happy he’s playing one of my favourite games with me and I can’t wait to see how Episode 2 goes!


2 thoughts on “A Lesson In Patience: Life Is Strange Edition…

  1. Well there is such a thing as the bridging of the generation gap! Who would have thought that a 2017 RPG would bring such common ground. By the way it’s a very cool game!
    Albeit a lesson in patience is never a bad thing for anyone !

    May the gaming industry continue to bring people together

    Great Post and very insightful !

    Liked by 1 person

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