Some Thoughts On Detroit: Become Human…

I’ve finally gotten the chance to sit down and play Detroit: Become Human and I thought what better way to celebrate it’s release than writing a little post about it!

First off, it’s visually amazing. I can’t get over how good the graphics are in this game, you can see every pore on someone’s face and each individual hair on their head so clearly, I’m always stunned at the talent animators possess!


The storyline is really interesting too, I’m only a couple hours in but I’m very intrigued. You follow three characters, Connor, Marcus and Kara who are all androids and each of their stories is really diverse from the other. Marcus takes care of a sick elderly man, Connor works with the police to solve crimes and Kara works as a housekeeper.

I’m also very pleasantly surprised at just how much my choices matter. I’m always a little skeptical when I hear a game talk about player choice when a lot of the time my actions in the game don’t have a lasting effect, but Detroit is something else. At the end of each chapter you’re presented with a flow chart of every action you took leading up to the outcome and things that you may have been missed during your play through.


There’s a real sense of urgency in some moments, particularly the opening scene with Connor having to save a little girl from a deviant android. I was fortunate enough to have saved her but I ended up killing Connor in the process, which was pretty upsetting. Luckily though I had my trusty flowchart to tell me exactly where I went wrong!

The one piece of advice I will give to any prospective players of Detroit is to look at everything because you never know what information may be useful later.

So that’s all my thoughts on Detroit: Become Human for now, I’m definitely going to be playing more of it this week.

Thanks so much for reading!




7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On Detroit: Become Human…

  1. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Beyond: Two Souls, but I might end up giving this game a try in the future if for no other reason than so I can review it. If what I’ve played of their output is any indication, Quantic Dream are at least good at coming up with interesting concepts; it’s thinking through their implications that they seem to have trouble with.

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    1. I enjoyed Beyond but there was definitely room for improvement, I think Detroit really shows how far Quantic Dream has come! You should for sure give it a go.

      And I see what you mean, it’s one thing to have a cool, interesting concept but properly fleshing it out and thinking it through is another. Thanks for the comment 🙂


      1. If I do look into it, it’ll probably be after it drops in price. If what I’ve seen of Quantic Dream’s output is any indication, they’re rather inconsistent quality-wise, and I haven’t really been sold on their writing prowess as a result.

        I think they have the opposite problem as Naughty Dog; while Naughty Dog constantly enforces a divide between story and gameplay to the detriment of both, Quantic Dream’s attempts at integrating the entities come across as awkward even at the best of times.


    1. I still haven’t played Heavy Rain, it’s been on my list for ages now but I really enjoyed Beyond! Detroit is definitely a step up in my opinion, I’d love to know what you think of it when you get around to playing it 🙂

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