5 Things I Want From Animal Crossing: Switch Edition

I didn’t think it was possible for another game to distract me long enough from the copious amount of time I’ve spent in Spider-Man, but as it turns out Nintendo had just the thing, an announcement trailer for Animal Crossing on the Switch!

I’ve mentioned Animal Crossing a lot on this blog and have even talked about how it can be used mindfully in a post I wrote for GameRVW. It’s a game that has a very special place in my heart and I’m sure many of you lovely readers share the same feelings of nostalgia that it brings, and for that reason a Switch instalment seemed like a no brainer to me.

So I thought the best way to commemorate this announcement was to write a post about some things I hope to see included in the newest edition, enjoy!

1. More Places To Go

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.39.40 AM.png

I loved the addition of the shopping centre and the island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I didn’t feel so limited to just roaming around my town and the world felt so much bigger! Granted, the shops in previous games such as Wild World could be upgraded and expanded upon over time, but having that choice to go to more than two stores was really nice.

I’d love to be able to leave the town explore an actual city with different villagers!

2. More Detailed Neighbours

One of my favourite parts of Animal Crossing is getting to greet all of my lovely neighbours! But the unique one liners and dialogue from each member of the town can start to feel a little repetitive after a while. It would be great to see some more advanced dialogue options and personality traits in the NPC’s, rather than just each villager being a “jock” or “popular girl” type.


Even adding more detail in each neighbours house would be such an improvement. The layout of the houses in previous AC games seemed a bit blocky and stagnant to me, I want to see those houses become homes!

3. More Customisation Options

Whilst Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp wasn’t my favourite instalment in the series, I did like that my character was more customisable and I really hope that it gets carried over into the Switch edition!


Seeing more diverse options in terms of skin colour, hair style and eye colour was awesome, I felt like I could make my villager all the more individual, rather than just being asked a few questions on a taxi ride and letting the game choose my look for me.

Although I will miss my chats with Kapp’n…

4. More Daily Activities

Activities in Animal Crossing are somewhat of a ritual to me. There’s this feeling of in-game accomplishment I get when I’ve dug up the four of five fossils laying around my town, sold a few things over at Re-Tail and caught a couple fish for the day. But those things can start to feel tiresome after a while and I find myself wishing there was more to complete in the day before I eventually put my 3DS down.

I’d love to see some more daily “chores” get added to the game, mostly so I can play for longer without feeling as guilty!

5. Couch Co-Op

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 10.55.28 AM.png

I would love to see couch co-op included in Animal Crossing and it would make sense given that the Switch gives us so much opportunity for it!

In previous titles you could only use multiplayer if you had an internet connection and if somebody else owned a copy of the game. It was always frustrating as a kid wanting to play with friends who didn’t have it on their DS. I’d love to see a “guest” option included in this game where friends can just casually roam around your town using a random villager or one that can be customised.

Nintendo has placed a lot of emphasis on multiplayer when it comes to the Switch and adding a feature like this for Animal Crossing would make the game all the more inclusive and fun!


Let me know what you guys hope to see from Animal Crossing on Switch, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it!

And as always thanks so much for reading 🙂

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