Little Life Update (Sorry It’s Been A While)…

Hi lovelies!

I feel like every time I sit and write one of these update posts, it’s to apologise for the lack of content and general presence on WordPress. So, to make sure I’m in everyone’s good books, I’m sorry! (But I can’t promise it won’t happen again…)

A lot has been happening this year and we’re only in March, time has a tendency to get away from me when I have my mind set on something.

I’ve just recently started an internship in digital marketing and writing and the skills I’m learning there have been invaluable. I feel like I’m seeing myself grow so much more than I ever thought possible last year and while I don’t want to sound self indulgent, I’m pretty damn proud of myself!

I’m still doing everything I can do produce content for GameRVW and build more and more relationships with game developers and people in the industry. I don’t think I’ll ever lose the passion I have for video games and the people who make them.

Mentally, things have been a lot better too. I’ve been implementing a lot of mindful strategies and surrounding myself with positive, supportive people, which is something I didn’t used to do very much. I can safely say I’m where I want to be right now.

This post has been a bit of a “look at me and all of my achievements” moment, but I think sometimes giving yourself a pat on the back and yes, boasting a little, is needed.

Hope you’re all going well, please feel free to leave a comment and tell me what’s been happening in your lives! As always, thanks for reading ^_^

3 thoughts on “Little Life Update (Sorry It’s Been A While)…

  1. I love meeting fellow girl gamers on WordPress. Glad to hear you’re working on yourself. We ever you get back to writing, you should totally stop by Geek Blogs United on Facebook. Everyone is super friendly and supportive there. I look forward to more of your gaming posts. 🙂


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