I Made A Video!

Hello lovelies!

In the usual belated and disjointed fashion I write blog posts these days, I felt it necessary to share something with the WordPress community. This outlet and the people I’ve interacted with here have been such a huge factor behind my love of writing and sharing my opinions on the games I play. So thank you to everyone who has read my articles, liked a post or left me a comment over the years, it really does mean quite a lot.

I’ve been passionate about the gaming industry for a long time now as many of you know and with the recent release of ‘The Last Of Us: Part II’, I was inspired to create a video analysis delving into the deeper meaning behind the games’ story. I’m really proud of how it turned out and it felt genuinely nice to put my mind towards something creative. If you’ve got some time free and are interested in hearing my thoughts on the game (after you’ve played it of course!) then please feel free to check it out here! I’d love to know what you think ^_^

I hope you’re all going well and hopefully these posts become a little more frequent in the future. Stay safe and have a lovely day/ night wherever you are!

-Em x

One thought on “I Made A Video!

  1. This review is one of the most inciteful reviews of a game you will see and hear. For those who are new to gaming will gain great understanding of how descriptive and understanding it is. I found it to be incredibly clear and gave a great indication of the characters motivations and their unique complexities. As well as understanding the game itself. Apart from how easy it was to listen to it being reviewed, it made it a really enjoyable experience. Well done !!

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